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Our Mission

May contain: outdoors and water

Introducing the newly established Wyoming Association of Irrigation Districts (WAID), a pioneering nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the interests of irrigation districts across the state. With a vision to foster effective water resource management at the local level, WAID stands as a collective voice for Wyoming's emerging network of irrigation districts. These districts, operating under state guidelines, play a vital role in sustaining water-related initiatives that contribute to the well-being of our communities.  

The purpose of the Association is to share information for the betterment of our Districts, share solutions to common issues, lobby our State and Federal governments as well as the following:

  • Promote Irrigation with the State.
  • Update State Statutes and Wyoming Water Laws.
  • Request more funding for rehabilitation.
  • Promote saving irrigated farmland.
  • Protect water rights in the State.
  • Protect storage, natural flow, and underground water rights.
  • Encourage the State Engineers office to do more digital mapping.

Of course, as this Association moves along we will have many more ideas to add.

Together we can have a positive influence in the State.